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Chaplaincy Program

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senior living chaplaincy programSenior living chaplains provide a vital service to residents of a faith-based senior living community, their families, and staff with spiritual support and guidance. They go beyond weekly sermons and can be there to sit and talk with residents about their faith or simply have a conversation about anything they want when feeling lonely. They are also there to provide spiritual support for staff and family members during difficult times. Resident programs offer many services, including senior living chaplains, that benefit our resident’s physical, spiritual, and mental health.

At Westminster Place, our faith-based senior living community provides our residents with senior living chaplains to help with their spiritual or religious needs. We offer a holistic approach to caring for our residents and include many activities to keep them active and comfortable during their golden years.

For more information about our senior living chaplain program, call 903.329.6520 today to speak with our friendly staff and schedule a tour of our faith-based senior living community.

Why Choose a Religious Assisted Living Facility?

For seniors who are religious, attending regular services can become difficult as they get older. Seniors living alone who cannot drive to church every week can feel depressed and isolated. A religious assisted living facility can give residents the spiritual guidance and support they need without leaving the community.

Senior living chaplains get to know residents and staff through weekly sermons and group and private meetings where they can participate in religious discussions. They can talk about life and death and what to expect for their next journey or provide guidance for talking with their families about any unresolved issues and last-rite details. Chaplains will also work with staff members and support them after losing a resident or other spiritual matters.

At Westminster Place, our faith-based senior living community provides comfortable accommodations for seniors of all activity levels. We provide independent living and assisted care with a chaplain program to meet all of your spiritual or religious needs.

How Can a Senior Living Chaplain Program Help Residents and Families?

A faith-based senior living community often has a more robust community bond than other facilities that do not offer a senior living chaplain program. Residents report feeling closer to staff and other seniors in the program while also improving their spiritual or religious beliefs. They have lower levels of depression and a lower rate of turnover for caregivers and staff.

Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical and mental health. Many residents begin to fear death and what will happen, and a chaplain can help ease their fears and answer any questions they have, no matter if they are religious or not. Families of loved ones passing will also be comforted by the chaplain, who can be there to help prepare everyone in the family for the end.

Other ways a senior living chaplain can help include:

  • Participate in new resident orientation
  • Build trust and friendships with residents
  • Visit with residents and families whenever spiritual care is necessary
  • Visit to read text or scripture from the bible
  • Provide Last Rites
  • Help families with planning and conducting funeral services
  • Provide confidential chaplain discussion
  • Work with families to understand specific issues or requests from residents

Westminster Place Offers a Faith-Based Senior Living Community for Seniors in Longview, TX

At Westminster Place, we are a part of the Buckner Retirement Services community and offer senior living chaplains as part of our resident programs and services. Our community offers apartments and rooms for independent seniors and those who need more care through our assisted-living care programs.

Just some of the services we offer our residents include:

  • Senior health and wellness activities
  • Dining services
  • Transportation services
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Medication management
  • Housekeeping services

If you are thinking about enrolling your parents or aging loved ones in a faith-based senior living community, call 903.329.6520 today to see how our senior living chaplain program can give seniors the religious or spiritual guidance they need during their sunset years.