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5 Senior Group Activities

Seniors playing cards and enjoying group activities

Fun, regardless of age, should always be a priority. But life can slow down when we are seniors. Less time is spent out, and more time is spent at home with family and loved ones. But, just because some choose to transition from nightclubs to nights in does not mean they don’t enjoy the fun. Having fun has no set definition. It is entirely in the eye of the beholder to decide. Broadening one’s perspective past senior-associated stereotypes can do a great deal of good for those looking to improve the quality of time they spend with seniors.

At Westminster Place, we believe wholeheartedly that enjoyable activities are a fundamental right rather than a luxury or privilege. That is why we have developed our curriculum so that our residents have a multitude of activities and group outings to choose from on any given day.  Contact us at 903.329.6520 to learn more about the fun group activities for senior adults we offer.

Why Group Activities for Senior Adults Are Important

The benefits of senior group activities are far-reaching. A life without fun is no life at all, and that isn’t just a saying. Social interaction and mental stimulation are required components to leading a meaningful life. Senior group activities provide the opportunity for social engagement that improve emotional well-being while simultaneously stimulating the cognitive centers of the brain. Like any muscle, the brain requires exercise, and the absence of this exercise can worsen and even create neurological issues commonly associated with advanced age. Games such as chess, sodoku, and jigsaw puzzles, have been shown to improve memory and cognition over time. Group activities are a great way to stay involved with a community, create social bonds, and stay active while improving mental and physical health.

5 Fun Group Activities for Senior Citizens

There is plenty on the list of senior group activities which have proven fun to all who participate. This list comprises activities that can be enjoyed by seniors and loved ones of any age.

Art Classes

Art provides users with a medium to explore their emotions in a setting free from judgment and unnecessarily harsh critiques. Some seniors may have communication issues, and art can be a great tool to stay in contact with the outside world. Art can convey emotions, thoughts, memories, and aspirations, and best of all, it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or ability.


Exercise, like fun, is required to keep the mind and body sharp and engaged. Whether it be yoga, tai chi, or simply walking, exercise is a valuable mechanism for establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with old and new acquaintances.

Wii Sports

Mobility can be an issue for seniors, and sometimes exercise can be challenging. Wii sports offer an enjoyable, even competitive alternative to those looking for fun activities to do with friends. These games require minimal physical movement and have an incredible selection of sports to choose from, some of which include:

  • Bowling
  • Fencing
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Fishing

While video games might not be the first thing to come to mind when considering fun senior group activities, it is a great activity to explore for those looking for a good bit of competitive play.

Field Trips and Outings

Everyone loves a good outing. Whether to a museum, art gallery, movie theatre, or restaurant, getting out of the house every once in a while is a fantastic option when trying to stay active and keep up with old friends and family. Although careful planning may be required, no one wants to feel cooped up in the same house for days.


Everyone loves music. This activity can be structured through making music, listening to music, or discussing music trivia and history. Music can be beneficial for those suffering from memory loss issues, as listening to music from an individual’s past has improved cognition over time.

Senior Group Activities at Westminster Place

At Westminster Place, we believe that fun is an essential aspect of life, which is why we have infused fun social, and solitary activities into all aspects of our curriculum. Please contact us today for more information on fun group activities for seniors, or schedule an appointment at 903.329.6520.