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Does Respite Care Give Independence to Senior Citizens?

a nurse talks to a senior about how respite care can offer independence for senior citizens

If your loved one is reaching a certain age, you may be considering respite care for elderly people. While family members can make great caregivers, some people can benefit from the additional help of a professional due to their advanced age or condition. Respite care can provide many distinct benefits for people who take advantage of it, including independence for senior citizens.

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What Is Respite Care?

Before you choose respite care for elderly folks for your loved one, it’s important to truly understand what this type of care is. Respite care is for people who cannot safely care for themselves at home due to age or disability. This type of care can take place in the senior’s home or within a facility, depending on the senior’s needs and preferences.

While individuals can receive respite care from professionals as their primary source of care, many people rely on loved ones and family members for their care some of the time and a respite caregiver at other times.

This arrangement ensures that seniors always have the help they need to perform daily tasks while their loved ones get to rest or tend to their own business.

Benefits of Respite Care for Elderly People

The transition to respite care after an individual has been relying on a loved one for support can be difficult to navigate. However, seniors tend to see various benefits from respite care, making this transition more than worth it.

More Independence

One of the best benefits of respite care is its ability to promote greater independence for senior citizens as it incorporates the care of a professional alongside the support of a caregiving family member.

While respite caregivers are trained to provide professional care for a variety of different needs, they also aim to encourage as much independence as possible within the people they care for. This could mean finding small ways for the seniors in their care to take charge of their own day-to-day tasks, such as:

  • Preparing meals
  • Managing personal hygiene
  • Tidying around the house
  • Calling loved ones

When seniors feel empowered and capable of taking their healing and care into their own hands, it can positively affect both mental and physical health.

Increased Confidence

While respite care can increase independence for the elderly, it can also increase their confidence at the same time. Having to rely on the help of a caregiver can lead seniors to lose trust in themselves and their own abilities.

However, respite caregivers work to boost the self-confidence of the people they care for by placing certain decisions and responsibilities back into their hands. This can make the retirement phase of life feel much more enjoyable.

A Sense of Community

If in-facility care with professional respite caregivers is the best choice for your loved one, it can provide them with a much-needed sense of community. Retirement communities that give respite care aim to build independence for the elderly while connecting them with others with whom they can build long-lasting friendships.

Respite Care for Your Loved One at Buckner Westminster Place

Independence for senior citizens is a crucial part of making the most out of their golden years. Buckner Westminster Place provides all the expert care your loved one deserves while encouraging their independence and confidence and providing them with a thriving and welcoming community along the way.

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