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5 Easy Activities for Elderly With Dementia

female memory care specialist working with elderly woman on 5 easy activities for elderly with dementia

Whether your family member is in the early stages of dementia or experiencing a more advanced stage and in need of memory care, there are many different activities they can take part in to improve their mental state and have some fun with their loved ones. 

Dementia looks different for everyone. That’s why it’s important to tailor your dementia-friendly activities to your loved one’s specific needs and interests.

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A Note About Activities for Elderly Individuals with Dementia 

For many seniors with dementia, symptoms can include lapses in memory, disorientation, or loss of physical mobility. Depending on your family member’s specific symptoms, you may have to tailor your dementia-friendly activities to their ability level. 

In addition, consider their current interests, as a loss of interest in things they previously enjoyed is another symptom of dementia. 

5 Best Activities for Memory Impairment 

If you’re looking for some new things to try with your loved one in memory care, consider these five easy activities for elderly with dementia. Along with keeping your loved one mentally stimulated and alert, these activities are also great ways to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Play Their Favorite Board Game

Board games are one of the most fun and easy activities for elderly with dementia, and there are so many options available, from beginner level to advanced. Even if your family member is still in the early stages of dementia, avoid games with high levels of strategy or too many rules, as these details could make them feel frustrated. 

Some great board games for memory-impaired people include:

  • Dominoes
  • Battleship
  • Yahtzee
  • Candy Land
  • Connect 4

The best choice for a board game to play with your loved one with dementia is something that they have played before and enjoy, as they may find it difficult to grasp the rules of a brand-new game.

2. Play a Game of “I Spy” Outdoors

Getting outside can improve the mental health of seniors with dementia, and combining outdoor time with a fun and simple game of “I Spy” is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. This game is very low-pressure, so your loved one will only have to name items they can recognize.

3. Listen to Music or Play an Instrument

Playing or listening to music is one of the best activities for memory impairment. Music stimulates the brain in unique ways, and listening to familiar songs can bring memories flooding back. Put on your family member’s favorite artist and notice the effect that music has on their mood.

4. Bake Something Simple Together

If your loved one with dementia enjoys baking, try making one of their favorite baked goods together. Give them a few responsibilities that they can handle easily during the process, and you’ll both be able to enjoy the finished product together with a sense of accomplishment.  

5. Watch a Movie or Sporting Event They Enjoy

Just like a person’s favorite musical artist can bring back memories, their favorite movie can do the same and make them feel more in touch with their past. Or if your loved one is a sports fan, watching a sporting event they’ve been looking forward to is a great way to keep their mind stimulated while simply enjoying time together.

Memory Care You Can Trust at Westminster Place

You and your loved one deserve the peace of mind that a high-quality memory care assisted living facility can provide. To learn more about the care Westminster Place could provide to your family member with dementia, contact us by calling 903.329.6520 or filling out our form online.