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How seniors can prepare for hurricane season

how seniors can prepare for hurricane season

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey took Texas by surprise. This year, we want you to be prepared. Here are six easy ways senior adults and their families can prepare for hurricane season. 1. Know your neighbors. It’s a good idea to have people close by who can check on you in the event of an emergency. If you know their schedule and they know yours, each of you can be aware of when to look out for each other. 2. Keep hurricane-specific emergency numbers easily accessible. Store emergency phone numbers in an easy-to-find place on your cell phone. If you don’t use a cell phone, put those phone numbers on a brightly colored piece of paper. Laminate the paper so you can still use it in a flood. Good phone numbers to have handy include the Coast Guard, neighbors and your local senior living community. 3. Create an emergency kit. Having an emergency kit ready to go makes even small emergencies like losing power easier to handle with peace of mind. Emergency kit must-haves include flashlights, first aid materials and water bottles. 4. Pack an overnight bag. Keep a bag packed with overnight essentials in case you need to relocate quickly. Be sure to include a list of any medications you use and copies of personal identification. 5. Sign up for emergency alert systems. Most cities have emergency alert systems designed specifically for seniors. Make sure you’re signed up for these weather alert phone calls because they’ll be your first source of regular information. 6. Have a plan. No one wants to think “worst case scenario,” but when it comes to the unpredictability of hurricanes, the best thing you can do is have a plan. Know in advance who you’ll call and where you’ll go. Have multiple contingency plans just in case. Ultimately, the best way to be prepared for a hurricane is to join a senior living community. There, any homeowner maintenance necessary for hurricane preparation is already covered by the 24-hour maintenance staff. Should a hurricane or tropical storm come, leadership teams are in communication with Coast Guard every few hours. Residents, meanwhile, still enjoy three full meals a day and experience little to no interruptions to daily life. As one resident at Calder Woods in Beaumont said, “The Lord helped me find Calder Woods just in time. Harvey flooded my home in Bridge City one month after I moved to Calder Woods. I’m so grateful God brought me here when he did.” For a complete look at what it’s like to weather a hurricane at a Buckner senior living community, read this account from Parkway Place and see how one Houstonian found hope at the senior living community.