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The Best Age For Seniors To Enter Independent Living

Senior thinking about the best age for seniors to enter independent living

After retirement, your life changes drastically. You have more free time, your daily routine changes, and you can pursue your passions freely. It may be time to consider joining a senior independent living program, depending on your age.

At Westminster Place, we offer enriching independent living for seniors to facilitate personal growth and a better quality of life. Contact us at 903.329.6520 for more information about independent living options today.

What Does Independent Living for Seniors Look Like?

You’ve probably heard of higher levels of senior care, like memory care or respite care. We also offer skilled nursing care around the clock for seniors who need it. But in independent living, your life looks a little different.

In our senior independent living program, you have full control over your lifestyle. You live just as you normally would, except you gain access to more resources with us.

In independent living communities, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Like-minded community
  • Enriching hobbies
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Housekeeping services
  • Complete freedom and independence

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining independent living in our community. So, what’s the best age for seniors to enter independent living?

What’s the Best Age for Seniors to Enter Independent Living?

Your readiness for senior living will depend on several factors, including your financial status and emotional connection to your current home.

Seniors tend to join independent living communities after age 55. It’s common for independent living communities to house seniors between ages 55 and 75. Some areas may include older senior populations closer to the upper limit of this age range.

Before 55, you likely aren’t financially or emotionally prepared to give up your current living situation. After 75, you may need more complex medical care and assistance, making independent living an unrealistic choice for your needs.

How to Figure Out If You’re Ready for a Senior Independent Living Program

You’ll know if you’re ready for senior independent living if everything else is in order. If you’re ready to surround yourself with other retired folks and make the most of the rest of your life, you’re a good candidate. Here are some factors to consider before making this move.

Savings and Retirement Funds

How do your retirement accounts look? It’s important to plan for how you’ll pay for independent living. Investment accounts, like IRAs and 401Ks, are the best way to accomplish this. If your savings aren’t up to speed with the lifestyle you want yet, consider postponing the move into independent living.

Home Maintenance and Upkeep

Ready to stop performing or paying for your home’s maintenance and upkeep? It could be time for the big move. In independent living, we take care of these things for you.

Social Needs and Wants

One of the biggest benefits of moving to independent living is being surrounded by peers. These seniors have also retired and want to make the most out of their post-retirement lives. If your social life is lacking, consider making the move soon.

You’re Not Giving Up Your Current Support System

Think of moving to independent living as gaining more support, not losing your existing family and friends. You can still visit with and talk to your loved ones as often as you want. In fact, this freedom is one of the best reasons to enjoy stress-free independent living.

Prepare for Independent Living in Advance

Don’t wait until you’re stressed and overburdened to start making the move toward independent living. There are many things you can do right now to prepare, including saving money and visiting various communities.

It may also be helpful to start donating or selling old belongings that you won’t take with you. That way, your move won’t be as time-consuming and stressful for you and your loved ones.

Visit Westminster Place Today for Independent Living for Seniors

At Westminster Place, we offer luxury amenities and a strong social network in our independent living community. We’re here to help you enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle after retirement.

If you’re interested in the care and support that a high-quality, independent living community can offer you or a loved one in retirement, call 903.329.6520 or visit Westminster Place today to get started.