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3 Games to Improve Memory for Seniors

Senior woman playing card game to improve memory

Games let us escape the outside world. They give an outlet for feelings of stress and anxiety. Better yet, games can also improve an individual’s cognitive health. Losing one’s memory can be a scary process. But games can help improve memory and slow the progress of cognitive decline. At Westminster Place, we believe that memory care is a fundamental right for all our residents, and we have worked a variety of optional games into our curriculum that can improve memory in addition to other cognitive functions. Contact us at 903.329.6520 to learn more about how games can improve memory for seniors. Let us show you how much fun memory improvement for seniors can be.

How Can Games Improve Muscle Memory?

The brain is a muscle, and much like other muscles in the body, it can diminish if it is not utilized and exercised, it can diminish. One of the best ways to avoid this decline is to keep the brain active and healthy through mental and social stimulation. Games help the brain maintain cognitive ability and memory functions by actively challenging parts of the brain that might otherwise be left stagnant and idle. Different games provide different types and levels of stimulation. The benefits of games on memory include:

  • Mental stimulation
  • Social stimulation
  • Physical exercise
  • Increased happiness
  • Increased drive and motivation
  • Decreased depression and anxiety

One of the most significant benefits of playing games with elderly loved ones is strengthening bonds. Some people may have difficulty relating to their elders, and games are a great way to bridge that gap.

Three Games That Improve Memory for Seniors

When choosing games to play with senior loved ones, one must be aware of their mental capabilities and any cognitive issues they may have. No one wants to play a game that’s nothing but struggle. With that in mind, three games have been shown to improve memory in seniors.


Trivia is a great way to dust off mental cobwebs and refresh the memory of old or almost forgotten information. The best way to play trivia with an adult of advanced age is to find a topic that everyone is reasonably knowledgeable about. This can be music, movies, art, or anything of a similar venue.


As far as workouts for the brain go, chess is second to none. Chess is a game based on strategy and wit, one that requires players to know their opponent as well as they know the capabilities of their pieces. This game challenges the brain to think intuitively while remaining three steps ahead and is a great way to stay sharp.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great mental workout for individuals of all ages. Puzzles require problem-solving skills and strategy to complete fully. Puzzle solvers must remember what certain pieces look like and how they fit together. They must also consider how to approach the puzzle strategically, like starting with corner pieces or focusing on one section before moving on.

These are three examples of relatively inexpensive games that can be enjoyed by anyone with a competitive edge who appreciates fun activities. Other activities that should be considered are art, music, scrabble, bingo, and exercise.

Qualified Memory Improvement for Seniors at Westminster Place

At Westminster Place, the senior years of someone’s life are some of the most critical years. It’s important that they be filled with love, meaning, and joy. That is why we have dedicated our facility and curriculum to creating an environment where senior adults can feel at home, stay active, and remain socially engaged. Please schedule an appointment today or contact us at 903.329.6520 for more information on memory care.