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How Do Transportation Services Affect the Elderly?

Senior woman sitting in car, using transportation services

Over the past two centuries, humanity has seen many marvelous inventions that have fundamentally changed how people live. These changes go far beyond alterations in an everyday routine. Life expectancy has increased, infant mortality has decreased, and many of the ailments and illnesses faced by our forthfathers can now be cured through a single doctor’s visit. One invention, however, seems underappreciated. And that is high-speed transportation. A design of truly epic proportions, high-speed transportation, as seen in cars, trains, busses, and more, has become a fundamental characteristic of modern society. The cityscape nor the rural countryside could only function with high-speed transportation. But what if it were all to go away? A life without transportation would be a life of inconvenience and stagnation.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many older adults. Transportation services provide more than simply transportation; they offer a reliable connection that can be used to stay active, social, and healthy. When these services are hard to reach or unobtainable, seniors face a grim reality. That is why, at Westminster Place, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive transportation services, ensuring that all residents in our care can get where they need to go.

What Are Senior Citizen Transportation Services?

Senior citizen transportation services are a form of elderly assistance designed to help seniors get somewhere they would otherwise not be able to reach on their own. Many seniors face mobility and cognitive issues that make getting out of the house difficult or dangerous. For those with mobility issues, transportation services ensure that physical strength does not influence those who need to get out of the house. For those with cognitive problems, transportation services ensure seniors’ safety, as they may get lost or confused on their journey to and from home. There is a range of reasons why seniors may require transportation services, the most common of which are:

  • Medical appointments
  • Medical emergencies
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting to and from the Pharmacy
  • Social engagement
  • Risk of self-injury
  • Risk of confusion
  • Family outings

Other reasons why an individual of advanced age might need transportation may be due to illness or medical conditions that may be negatively influenced by unnecessary physical excursion. Transportation services are often a lifeline to the outside world for those who would otherwise be confined to their homes.

Benefits of Elderly Transport Services

Transportation services’ benefits go beyond enabling someone to get from one place to another. Transportation is a requirement for many of the chores and tasks that come with having a modern-day routine. Seniors with access to transportation services can receive medical care more consistently from a broader range of doctors. These services can also ensure that seniors can access healthy food, affordable housing, education, and career opportunities.

One of the most significant benefits of transportation services is that they allow individuals to stay socially engaged with their community. The brain is a muscle that, without proper exercise and stimulation, can atrophy in its way. Not having access to social activities and recreational events can worsen and lead to loneliness and isolation, negatively impacting personal health and emotional well-being. Isolation can negatively affect mood and behavior, leading to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, and existential dread.

Quality Transportation Services at Westminster Place

We hold our residents’ health, safety, and happiness in the highest regard at Westminster Place. Since 1954, our staff has dedicated itself to going above and beyond the needs of anyone who walks through our doors. We understand how a lack of transportation can negatively impact someone’s life and have developed a comprehensive transportation service plan to ensure that every resident has their transportation needs met. For more information on our transportation services or to schedule an appointment today, contact us at 903.329.6520.