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8 Outdoor Exercises for Senior Citizens

a group uses resistance bands outdoors, one of many outdoor exercises for senior citizens

Most people know that exercise is important for overall health. Once adults age into their golden years, however, exercise can get more difficult for several reasons. Thankfully, group outings can help to make activities safer and easier.

There are many ways for seniors to continue to include exercise in their lives, even with limited mobility. Additionally, by combining an exercise routine with some time spent outdoors, seniors can do an even greater service for their health. To learn more about the best outdoor exercises for senior citizens, read on or call Westminster Place at 903.329.6520.

How Group Outings Can Improve Senior Health

Having an active social life can significantly improve the health, happiness, and longevity of seniors. However, many outdoor exercises can be performed with friends or solo, depending on your preferences. Not only will you do a great thing for your physical health, but you’ll also improve your mental health and cognitive ability.

8 Outdoor Outings for Seniors

Below are eight fun and effective solo or group exercises for seniors to do outdoors:

1. Walking

Walking is by far one of the best outdoor exercises for senior citizens. Not only does it improve circulation and mobility, but it also helps to clear the mind and aid in happy hormone production. Walking is an easy activity to share with friends and loved ones and can be done at any pace you prefer.

2. Yoga

Yoga can be done both inside and outside, but performing this exercise outside can help individuals to connect with nature as they stretch and improve strength in a low-impact way. Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility for senior citizens.

3. Tai Chi

Another popular method to improve flexibility for senior citizens is tai chi. Tai chi is a form of martial arts that focuses on stillness and physical control without putting the body at risk through combat or high-impact movements.

4. Outdoor Performances

Not all of the best outdoor group exercises for seniors are strictly exercise. There are many ways for seniors to get outdoors, and one fun way is to attend an outdoor performance in a park or at an amphitheater.

This can combine the mental and emotional benefits of music with the physical benefits of enjoying the outdoors and even swaying or dancing to the music.

5. Bird Watching

While bird watching may not be on the official list of physical therapy games for seniors, it can be a great way for older adults to enjoy time outdoors and get active. Bird watching can be a great way to practice patience and stillness.

6. Gardening

Though gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby, it can also be more physically demanding than many people expect. That can make gardening an effective workout and a great way to enjoy the sunshine and create some beauty.

7. Hiking

Some hikes may be too steep or physically exhausting for seniors to perform, but most neighborhoods have easy hikes that people of any age can enjoy. Hiking and other higher-intensity exercises can help seniors keep their hearts and lungs healthy.

8. Chair Exercises for Elders

Many chair exercises for elders can be performed in a wheelchair or simply from a seated position. These include:

  • Weighted arm exercises
  • Abdominal-focused movements
  • Stretches

With a supportive chair, seniors can enjoy a bit of sunshine while improving their flexibility and strength.

Support Good Health with a Varied Routine

No matter what your physical abilities may be, you can support your lifestyle with lots of different outdoor exercises. Enjoy your outdoor time solo, or spend it socializing with friends.

Enjoy Outdoor Exercises for Senior Citizens at Westminster Place

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