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10 Easy Craft Activities for Seniors

a resident paints, one of many craft activities for seniors

Crafting is an easy and fun way for seniors to get creative, enjoy free time, and socialize with others. You can learn more about the many educational program options available at Westminster Place by calling 903.329.6520. Our residents enjoy craft activities for seniors and other enriching art projects.

Easy Summer Crafts for Seniors to Enjoy

Crafting is more than a fun activity. It can also support mental health and cognition. When the hot summer months make it less pleasant to spend time outdoors, crafting is a great option for an engaging indoor activity. Here are ten easy and simple ways for seniors to get creative with arts and crafts.

1. Pottery

Pottery classes are welcome to everyone, no matter their ability level. There are so many different items to make at a pottery studio, and you could create something for yourself or make a gift for a loved one.

2. Coloring or Drawing

Experimenting with different artistic media is a great way for seniors to express themselves and support healthy brain activity. Many art projects for seniors use tools like:

  • Colored pencils
  • Pastels
  • Paint

Coloring and drawing can offer seniors a chance to explore creativity and express emotions.

3. Finger Painting

Finger painting is a good example of a fun craft project for seniors with arthritis. Holding tools can be difficult for those experiencing arthritis, which is why finger painting is the perfect alternative that still allows for artistic expression.

4. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a fun and engaging process that ends up producing a beautiful and unique accessory. Simple jewelry making like necklace or bracelet beading is a great option when planning easy crafts for seniors.

5. Sewing

Depending on your hand and finger mobility, you may enjoy taking up sewing. This can be done by hand or even with a sewing machine to reduce finger strain. If you’re unsure of how to start sewing, groups that offer craft activities for seniors may have a class you can join.

6. Origami

For those looking to get creative, origami is a perfect example of art projects for seniors that are outside the box. There are many different types of origami, ranging from simple crafts to more complex shapes.

7. Birdhouses

Building birdhouses is a great example of easy crafts for seniors, especially since the birds will need a shady place to rest this time of year more than ever. If you’re handy, you might be able to build a birdhouse from scratch with the right tools. However, you can also buy birdhouse assembling kits.

8. Greeting Cards

If you’re looking to get creative with crafting while also connecting with loved ones, designing homemade greeting cards is the perfect way to do so. All you need is some paper and colored pens and pencils to design a custom image and message for your loved one.

9. Scrapbooking

Keep all of your beloved photos in one place by taking up scrapbooking. Those looking for crafts for seniors with arthritis should be able to design and fill their scrapbooks without too much trouble.

10. Picture Frame Design

Much like scrapbooking, designing custom picture frames is a great way to honor the memories captured in your photos. Additionally, your decorative frames will add aesthetic value to your home.

Enjoy the Summer Months with Craft Activities for Seniors

If you prefer to spend the hottest months of the year indoors where it’s cool, you’re not alone. Taking up crafting is the perfect way to make sure you’re spending your time doing activities that are both fun and enriching.

Looking for Art Projects for Seniors? Learn More at Westminster Place

When you live in a thriving community like Westminster Place, it’s easy to build a lifestyle you love during your golden years. Contact us today at 903.329.6520 to learn more.