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The Seven Different Elements of Senior Wellness

healthy, fit older woman sitting on floor leaning against exercise ball demonstrating the seven different elements of senior wellness

When choosing a senior living facility, the health and wellness of the facility’s senior residents should be a top priority. The reality is that people are living longer and want to stay healthy and active well into retirement. Stereotypical retirement homes used to be synonymous with being sedentary. This is no longer the case. Seniors have options when it comes to how they want to live out the rest of their lives. When considering the type of senior living experience you or a loved one are looking for, consider what health and wellness activities are offered that can enhance the experience and your wellbeing. Senior living shouldn’t be regarded as a last stop but rather the next step with a fun, active lifestyle for as long as possible. Know your senior living options – give Westminster Place a call today to find out more at 903.329.6520.

Elements of Senior Wellness

Some of the important elements of a comprehensive health and wellness program as part of a senior living community include:

1. Exercise

Many senior living communities will have on-site fitness centers, swimming pools, or even personal training services. For less-structured physical activities, games like shuffleboard, horseshoes, and bocce ball can provide a social atmosphere while still being active.

2. Spiritual Health

This can involve having a chaplain on staff, access to a chapel or faith-based space, or something more meditative. Facilities may offer yoga or tai chi to help seniors keep calm and centered in their lives.

3. Reduce Stress

Being isolated can affect your mental health, especially in older adults. Making the transition from living close to family to a senior living community is not easy for everyone, so senior living communities put focus on creating social connections to reduce the feelings of loneliness that can occur. A variety of experiential therapies like yoga, meditation, and exercise can also help reduce stress.

4. Fall Prevention

Specific exercise programs to help reduce the risk of falls among senior residents are a priority in senior living communities. They are designed to minimize the risks that most commonly lead to a fall among older adults. These programs focus on core strengthening exercises to increase balance, flexibility, and strength.

5. Continuing Education

Lifelong learning can keep you sharp. Using your brain and memory will help maintain cognitive function. You can find classes online virtually or in person at many senior living facilities on a variety of subjects and interests.

6. Nature Therapy

Spending time outside in nature can have more health benefits than you think. Getting outside regularly is great for your state of mind and mental health. Fresh air, sunshine, and time in nature are shown to reduce stress, as well as anxiety and depression.

7. Nutrition Education

Eating well can improve your overall health and wellbeing. Your diet may need to be different as an older adult to balance any changes in your health or dietary deficiencies. Having nutrition counseling available in your senior living community can make eating well convenient and enjoyable. Cooking classes are commonly part of the programming in senior living communities and can be a fun and beneficial way to spend time with fellow residents.

Senior Living at Westminster Place

So, what type of senior living is best for you or a loved one? The team at Westminster Place can help you guide you in making the best choice that works for your lifestyle. We offer different levels of senior living depending on your needs. These include:

Independent Living

For the most active and independent, this living option is a vibrant community of seniors that includes maintenance-free living and a host of amenities.

Assisted Living

When assistance with medication management and other daily tasks is needed, residents can choose this option while still enjoying their own comfortable living space.

Memory Care

A dedicated part of our senior living campus includes a section for memory to help with daily living due to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Respite Care

This option provides at-home caregivers a much-needed break with short-term stay solutions for those they supervise.

Long-Term Care

When rehabilitation from injury or recent surgery is needed, we offer 24-hour skilled nursing on-site.

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Westminster Place offers plenty of choices when it comes to senior living. With multiple living lifestyle options and a wide range of health and wellness activities, our residents can live life however they choose with whatever assistance they need. Get the most out of retirement by calling our caring, compassionate, and professional team today at 903.329.6520 to learn about our latest offerings that can enhance your senior lifestyle.