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What Do I Need to Bring to Memory Care?

an adult child helps their senior parent read a list of what to bring to memory care

Making the move to memory care was likely a difficult decision. However, you and your loved ones can make the process easier by ensuring that you are well-prepared for the potentially daunting transition.

Careful planning will help you avoid upsets and show your loved one they are still well supported through the changes. For more information on what to bring to memory care, call Westminster Place at 903.329.6520.

Easing the Transition to Memory Care

When it’s time to make a personal checklist for memory care, you may feel pressured to anticipate all your loved one’s needs. Try not to worry too much, and remember that you can bring forgotten or unavailable items later if needed.

Start by speaking to the care staff about which personal items are required. The facility may provide some basic necessary items that are better left off the list.

It is good to focus on comfortable clothing and personal items that will make your loved one feel more at home. Family photos and mementos can go a long way toward bringing comfort and creating a home-like environment.

Tips for Downsizing

Another aspect to consider is where the person lived before going into memory care. It may be necessary to downsize several rooms worth of furniture and personal belongings before transitioning.

If you’re in charge of downsizing a parent’s home, the most important tip is to start early. Going through family belongings can be an emotional experience and may take longer than you expected. There’s no such thing as starting too soon.

Other tips that will help make the process easier include:

  • Visiting the care home to get a clear idea of the new apartment’s layout
  • Suggesting that your loved one donate possessions to family members or friends
  • Never make decisions without consulting your parent/loved one first
  • Taking photos of bulky but sentimental possessions that won’t fit in the new place
  • Leaving behind any items that your loved one hasn’t used in the last 12 months
  • Hiring a professional moving service to reduce stress

Letting go of a lifetime of personal belongings is understandably upsetting. Allow your loved one the time and patience to process the experience.

A Personal Checklist for Memory Care

Begin the packing list with the person’s most important items. What do they absolutely need in order to feel comfortable in their new environment? This may include certain clothing or bedding items, family photo albums, or sentimental pieces that bring emotional comfort. After deciding on the essentials, you and your loved one will be better prepared to let go of the items that they don’t need.

Some of the most important items may include:

  • A favorite chair or loveseat
  • Preferred bedding, including favorite pillows
  • Framed family photos and photo albums
  • Small but meaningful decor items
  • Favorite bath and body products
  • Supplies for favorite hobbies the senior is active with
  • A television
  • A source for music if the person enjoys listening
  • A senior-friendly cell phone or other e-device
  • Non-slip shoes without shoestrings
  • Comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and remove

Each person’s checklist may be different because their needs will vary, and some of the listed items may not be appropriate for seniors with more advanced cognitive issues. The care staff can offer helpful insight into which items are safe and helpful for your loved one.

If possible, talk with your family member about the move. Their fears or concerns may help you decide which items to bring to memory care to help make their transition easier.

Learn More About the Transition to Memory Care at Westminster Place

Making the move to memory care can be difficult, but knowing you have chosen a safe, welcoming environment for your loved one can ease the transition. Contact Westminster Place today at 903.329.6520 for more information about what to bring to memory care services in our Texas community.