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10 Fun Recreational Activities for the Elderly

a resident plays tennis, one of many recreational activities for the elderly

Living in a retirement community comes along with many opportunities for having fun and socializing. Depending on your loved one’s interests and preferences, they’ll be able to explore many different recreational activities for the elderly just steps from their front door.

The mental and physical health of your family member is always a priority in our communities, and providing many recreational programs is just one way we cater to those needs. To learn more, contact us at Westminster Place today by calling 903.329.6520.

Why Social Activities for the Elderly Are Important

Maintaining regular social interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation can help encourage good health in seniors. Looking for some ideas for activities and games for the elderly? Here are ten great ideas to get your loved one active and involved in their community.

1. Walking Clubs

Walking is a great form of exercise and one of the best social activities for the elderly. Getting out for a walk every day can be tough, but when seniors have the accountability of a walking group or club in their community, they’ll have much more motivation to get out and go.

2. Gardening

Gardening is among the most effective recreation therapy activities. Not only does it get seniors outside in nature, but it also gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility that can boost mental health. The added benefit is the beautiful flowers and plants that they’ll get to enjoy in their garden thanks to their own hard work and care.

3. Pottery Class

Creating something is a great way to increase confidence, and boosted confidence in seniors can help them connect with others and have fun getting out of their comfort zones. Pottery classes are open to people with all experience levels, and attendees have fun learning a new skill and leaving with a new pottery creation all their own.

4. Group Exercise

Including group exercise classes in their routine is a great way for your loved one to sustain physical health and boost mental clarity. They can explore new ways of moving, such as:

  • Water aerobics
  • Tai chi
  • Yoga

Many people also enjoy the social element of group classes.

5. Hiking

Some hikes may be too difficult for seniors, depending on their fitness level. However, getting out in nature and getting some exercise can help seniors de-stress and re-center. Additionally, when they go with a friend, it becomes an enjoyable social activity.

6. Art Class

Self-expression can help seniors to feel comfortable exploring their inner thoughts and feelings. That’s why art classes are some of the best senior activities.

7. Jewelry Crafting

Much like a pottery class, jewelry crafting allows seniors to create something new according to their own tastes. This new skill can boost confidence in more ways than one.

8. At-Home Spa Days

You can bring the spa to your loved one by hosting an at-home spa day with manicures, pedicures, face masks, and more. Recreational therapy activities can help seniors feel physically and mentally rejuvenated.

9. Live Music

Listening to music is one of the best senior citizen activities for mental stimulation and clarity. Live music combines this benefit with a fun social gathering.

10. Board Games

Board games are a classic recreational activity for people of all ages. Some of the best board games for the elderly are checkers, chess, and Yahtzee.

A Little Something for Everyone

With a little planning, there are plenty of fun recreational programs for seniors to take advantage of.

Enjoy All Kinds of Recreational Activities for the Elderly at Westminster Place

Ready to learn more about how your loved one could enjoy lots of socializing and recreational activities for the elderly in their retirement community? Contact Westminster Place today at 903.329.6520.