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What Do Transportation Services for Seniors at Buckner Westminster Look Like?

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These days, older adults are driving later in life. Ultimately, though, most seniors outlive their driving abilities. Unfortunately, the reality is that declines in short-term memory, vision, motor skills, strength, and reaction time contribute to unsafe driving. Transportation services for older adults are a critical need. For many seniors who no longer drive, finding transportation can prevent them from fully living their lives. At Westminster Place in Longview, TX, we proudly offer a range of transportation services, ensuring our residents can get where they need to go.

Westminster Place Senior Living is part of Buckner Retirement Services, which has provided dignified living and expert care for seniors in Texas since 1954. We tailor your senior living experience to your needs and desires. Call 903.329.6520 to learn more about transportation and other resident lifestyle services.

Discover the Benefits of Senior Transportation Services

Transportation services are available to all Westminster Place Residents. Transportation services help you safely and securely get to medical appointments, attend religious services, visit friends and family, or just take a day out on the town. The benefits of senior transportation services include:

  • Knowing that you have support and assistance available without having to rely on friends or family
  • Getting the help you need regardless of mobility issues
  • Having the confidence that you’ll be able to safely and securely get to appointments
  • Door-to-door service
  • Reducing isolation
  • Preventing accidents

Our senior transportation services are available to residents at any time of day, allowing for great flexibility.

Emergency Senior Transportation Services

If you live in our community and experience a medical emergency, you don’t have to rely on our senior transportation services. With skilled nurses and a medical team in many of our communities, we can provide treatment for many of our clients’ needs. That said, if you do require emergency medical care, our team will help you get to the hospital safely and quickly.

Discover Quality Senior Living at Westminster Place

At Westminster Place Senior Living, we are committed to providing our residents with the best services possible. We offer relationship-centered hospitality, bringing joy to our residents, family members, and volunteers. We provide this support with a smile when you require our transportation services. We take the initiative and accept responsibility for your safety throughout your stay in our community. We respect the individual rather than just the names on the door and take the time to get to know each of our residents’ unique circumstances and needs. At

Westminster Place Senior Living strives to uphold five core principles–services, security, independence, purpose, and connections. Our transportation services fulfill the service and security principles, and our other services help us achieve the other three principles. Residents at Westminster Place have access to a wide range of resident lifestyle services, including:

  • Educational programs
  • Recreational programs
  • Health and wellness services
  • Group outings
  • Library
  • Spa
  • Barbershop and beauty salon

The Westminster Place community offers opportunities to socialize with newfound friends, pursue life-long passions, and experience new adventures.

The Benefits of Senior Community Living

Today more and more seniors are choosing senior living communities. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Simplicity and freedom–Not having to deal with the expenses and hassles of home maintenance is a relief. Residents have more time to do what they enjoy and discover and pursue new interests.
  • Social connections–The effects of social isolation can have devastating impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing. Independent senior living provides a built-in support network, and social opportunities are a regular part of daily life.
  • Staying active–Staying mentally and physically active is vital to wellbeing. Often, seniors living alone do not realize how inactive they have become. Independent senior living provides activities to keep you mentally and physically engaged.
  • Access to care–Unfortunately, no one can predict when their health might change, especially later in life. Residents in independent senior living have immediate access to quality care right within their community when an unexpected health problem arises.

Contact Westminster Place to Learn About Senior Transportation Assistance and More

Many seniors mistakenly believe that independent senior living is only for those whose health is faltering or who otherwise need assistance. At Westminster Place, we know that choosing independent senior living when you are still healthy and active means fully taking advantage of the opportunities it has to offer.

When you are ready to discover the benefits of senior living in Longview, Texas, reach out to Westminster Place. Contact us online or call 903.329.6520 to answer your questions or schedule a tour.