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5 Benefits of Educational Programs for Seniors

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One of the many advantages of residing in a senior living community is the vast array of activities and events offered to residents. In the past, retirement was thought of as a time to stop. Stop working, stop learning, stop being active. Thankfully this perspective has changed, and today’s seniors are enjoying their golden years by pursuing lifelong passions and having new adventures. At Westminster Place Senior Living, we believe it is never too late to learn something new. We offer residents a robust array of residential programs, including educational programs designed to encourage seniors to follow their passions and discover new ones.

If you and your loved ones are looking for community-based senior living that puts resident programs first, reach out to Buckner Retirement Services. Westminster Place in Longview, TX, is one of our six faith-based communities that help residents across Texas thrive with educational programs and luxury senior living. Reach out to our staff now to find the right faith-based senior community for you. Call 903.329.6520.

5 Benefits of Senior Learning and Educational Programs for Seniors

Lifelong learning involves formal and informal learning opportunities throughout your life to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment or personal fulfillment. Studies show that reading, writing, and learning new skills late in life can decrease depression, anxiety, and dementia. Continuing education can help seniors find their passions, stay engaged with the outside world, and thrive throughout retirement.

If you’ve thought about going back to school but never felt like you had the time because of career and family obligations, your retirement years are the perfect time to pursue your interests. By continuing your education, you’ll not only expand your knowledge, but you’ll also receive benefits above and beyond what you learn in class, including:

  1. Increased socialization–As we age, loneliness and isolation become risk factors impacting health and overall well-being. Senior learning classes allow for the experience of community and camaraderie essential to seniors’ general feeling of wellbeing, along with the opportunity to form long-term friendships with those who share similar interests.
  2. Improved cognitive functioning–The process of learning and acquiring new information can stimulate new brain cell growth and help stave off dementia.
  3. Better physical health–Studies show that reading for as little as six minutes helps reduce stress by lowering heart rate and reducing muscle tension, leading to lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, and a more efficient immune system. Continued learning is linked to a reduced rate of numerous chronic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, emphysema, heart problems, ulcers, asthma, and more.
  4. Better mental health–Senior learning is linked to a diminished rate of depression and anxiety. The social interactions that occur in educational programs for seniors contribute to overall good mental health.
  5. Happiness–Being engaged in learning something new has been shown to provide satisfaction and happiness. These benefits occur when senior learning classes present cognitive challenges.

Educational programs for seniors do not have to happen in a traditional classroom setting. You can receive the same social, cognitive, health, and happiness by taking up a stimulating hobby like quilting, painting, photography, learning to play an instrument, and so much more. At Westminster Place, we provide a wealth of senior learning opportunities to pique the various interests of our residents.

Discover the Benefits of Senior Educational Programs at Westminster Place

Educational clubs and continuing education allow senior adults the opportunity to focus on things they love while learning new skills in low-pressure settings. At Westminster Place, we inspire residents to connect to their passions and explore lifelong dreams, like writing their first novel or memoir.

Continuing education through educational clubs keeps learning fun. Our residents combine interest and faith through our clubs, engaging in arts, crafts, writing, reading, and learning new skills. With a robust library, learning is never limited at Westminster Place. Call 903.329.6520 to learn more about educational programs for seniors and other opportunities.