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What to Do When Senior Parent Refuses to Move to Assisted Living

middle-aged son confronting his father on front lawn because he does not know what to do when senior parent refuses to move to assisted living

Many adult children deal with the same issues when it comes to convincing their aging parents that it’s time for them to consider assisted living. If you are experiencing a similar situation, don’t lose faith – there are things you can do to help them understand the benefits of a senior living option, like assisted living. A senior living community, like Westminster Place, can even help you in this process. A team with expertise in guiding families to finding senior living options that are agreeable for the parents, and their loved ones, can offer invaluable input.

Reach out today if you are struggling in the process of getting senior parents to move to assisted living.

When Senior Parents Refuse Assisted Living

Here are some tips and tricks when convincing aging parents that assisted living is right for them.

Get the Support of Family

This could be siblings or even extended family members. There is strength in numbers, and you may have an easier time showing the value of what you are proposing if more than one person is suggesting it and you are all in agreement.

Don’t Push

If they are already not supportive of the idea, the more you try to push your opinion, the less they will listen. It’s just human nature.

Listen to Their Concerns

Showing them that you do care about their opinion and what they think may make them more open to hearing why you think assisted living is the right choice for them.

Rethink Your Approach

If there is a specific thing or things that your parents are hung up on, figure out how to explain the positives of what they might think is a negative.

Bring in Outside Help

If they think you are being a pushy child, maybe you need to bring in a third party, like a trusted doctor, religious leader, or even someone from the team at a senior living community to talk to them.

Tour Facilities

One of the best ways to show them all the advantages of assisted living is to have them see it for themselves firsthand.

Show the Love

Make the case from your heart. Be honest and explain the burdens their care and the upkeep of their home put on you.

What Are Senior Living Options?

In addition to assisted living, several senior living options are available, depending on the level of care needed.

Independent Living

Independent living allows residents to live an active life among a community of peers without having to deal with the maintenance of home ownership.

Assisted Living

An assisted living community provides a home-like environment with added levels of care like medication management and assistance with daily living activities.

Memory Care

For those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, memory care can help with daily tasks like eating and taking medication and offer services to support managing memory loss.

Long-Term Care and Rehab

A 24-hour skilled nursing facility offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy and medication management services for those recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery.

Respite Care

If you are providing care for a senior parent, you know how draining it can be over time. Respite care offers an opportunity for caregivers to get a much-needed temporary break from caregiving.

Westminster Place Offers Assisted Living

We invite you to visit our senior living campus in Longview, Texas, with your parents and show them what assisted living at Westminster Place is all about. They can see firsthand the strong community of peers, the luxurious accommodations, and all of the amenities and care offered that will make them feel at home.

If your parents have questions and would like to speak with our team directly, we welcome the opportunity to talk with them. Call us at 903.329.6520.