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What Is Respite Care for Seniors?

respite care for seniors

Caregivers and families who care for elderly parents or loved ones understand the benefits of respite care. It gives caregivers time off for vacations or personal needs, or emergencies where the caregiver is ill or in an accident. Respite care for seniors offers a community of peers and professional staff where they can socialize and meet with friends. They will receive the appropriate level of care they need while their regular caregiver takes time off.

At Westminster Place, we are a part of the Buckner Retirement Services community in Texas that offers compassionate respite care for the elderly. Seniors can participate in fun activities while enjoying nutritious meals and comfortable rooms and apartments. For more information about our respite care for seniors program, call 903.329.6520 today to schedule a tour of our respite care facilities for the elderly in Longview, TX.

What Is Respite Care for Seniors?

What is respite care for seniors? Respite care for seniors provides care for aging parents or loved ones when their usual caregiver needs a break. There can be any number of reasons why a caregiver will need to take time off, including:

  • A sudden accident or illness
  • Planned vacation
  • Taking care of personal matters
  • A mental health break
  • Avoiding caregiver burnout

Families caring for elderly parents and professional caregivers need to take time off to avoid caregiver burnout, a condition where the caregiver is mentally and physically exhausted and more likely to make a fatal mistake in the care they provide.

At Westminster Place in Longview, TX, our respite care facilities for the elderly provide temporary accommodations and medical care while their normal caregivers take time off. Seniors get the care they need, plus access to various social activities that they can participate in or simply sit with friends and socialize.

Advantages of Respite Care Facilities for the Elderly

No matter how much you love your parents, caring for them can strain families when their care increases. There is no reason for you to feel ashamed of putting your parents or elderly loved ones in a respite care facility. You have your life and family to care for, and respite care for the elderly is just as much for them as it is for you.

A respite care facility for the elderly gives your parents access to a community of peers and friendly staff where their care is their number one concern. Seniors will also have access to:

  • Socializing with others in the community that they miss out on while stuck at home
  • Senior activities that will benefit their mental and physical health
  • Nutritious meals and snacks are prepared by a top chef. They can prepare meals based on any medical or dietary restrictions.
  • Medication management
  • Help with daily living activities
  • 24/7 care with laundry and housekeeping services

Discover Respite Care Facilities for Elderly in Longview, TX at Westminster Place

At Westminster Place in Longview, TX, our professional staff offers compassionate respite care for seniors when you or a caregiver needs time off. We provide a community of seniors where your parents can socialize and participate in any number of senior activities while getting the same level of care they need to stay healthy and comfortable. In addition to respite care for the elderly, we offer many senior living options, such as:

  • Independent living
  • Assisted living
  • Long-term care
  • Memory care

After visiting our community, many seniors decide to stay for the social engagement and lower the burden on family members or the cost of at-home care. To learn more about respite care for seniors, call 903.329.6520 today to schedule a tour of our respite care facility for the elderly.