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Transportation Services in Senior Living

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Having reliable transportation is about more than getting from point A to point B. It’s about seniors retaining a sense of freedom and independence and feeling like a vital part of the outside world. This is the kind of lifeline that senior living transportation can offer. It’s a safe journey home, an invaluable benefit of transportation services in senior living.

At Westminster Place, our senior transportation services are structured around these values. Coming and going is just another part of coming home. To find out more about what we have to offer, here or away, contact us at 903.329.6520 today. 

Senior Transportation Services: A One-Stop Connection with Many Stops 

Though age does not define us, it can present unique challenges to mobility. Conditions like arthritis and Parkinson’s can limit transportation options for seniors. So can the normal vision and reflex changes that are simply part of getting older. There are a hundred reasons why senior transportation services might be necessary, but some everyday needs include the following: 

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments and pharmacies – Medical appointments and picking up prescriptions can be hard to juggle, especially for those who need to see multiple specialists and manage many medications. We all know how hard it can be to book an appointment, so it’s essential to ensure you don’t miss one. At Westminster Place, our drivers will get you there on time, every time. And you’ll never have to worry about making it to the pharmacy before it closes. 
  • Transportation to and from the grocery store – Everyone needs groceries, and keeping the kitchen fully stocked can be a challenge if you have problems getting to the store. At Westminster Place, you’ll always have the goods you need, whether you’re doing a full-on shopping expedition or just grabbing a few things. And with shopping assistance and a team that takes your unique dietary needs into consideration, you can’t go wrong. 
  • Transportation to and from local events – Staying active in the community is vital for seniors, and our transportation services can help make that happen. Whether it’s a trip to the theater, a grandchild’s birthday party, or even just a friend’s house, our reliable drivers will get you there safely.

To sum it up, our transportation service is so stellar, you might even prefer it to your own car. And that’s really saying something.

How Transportation Services for Seniors Can Improve Morale  

Some seniors have health issues that make it difficult or unwise to drive. Others might be concerned about imposing on family or others to help them with their needs. At Westminster Place, our senior transportation services are designed to eliminate any worries about such things. Here are some ways residents will benefit from our deluxe chauffeur services, so to speak:

  • Reassuring transportation for seniors with memory loss – For those navigating Alzheimer’s or dementia, specialized transportation services can bridge comfort and familiarity. Trips to places that are well-known can help ease anxiety. Traveling well-known routes also helps, especially with caregivers along for the ride.
  • Everyday joys reclaimed – Dinner and a movie, nature outings, and networking with others outside your senior living community are all possible with reliable transportation. With a ride confirmed, seniors don’t have to worry about giving up the pleasures they’ve always enjoyed.
  • Group outings – Don’t have an agenda in mind, and want to get out and about? If you’re at Westminster Place, you’ll be in the right place. We pride ourselves on organizing group outings. Whether it’s a holiday concert, a museum outing, or sightseeing, you’ll never be bored. And group outings are a great way to make new friends within your community.

Think of our transportation services as a kind of train. You can sit back, talk with your fellow passengers, and enjoy the scenery as it rolls by.

Buckner Westminster: Reach Out to Us and Let Us Transport You Home 

Ready to take the next steps to a vibrant, fulfilling life in a vibrant retirement community? Let us help “transport” you to the living arrangements of your dreams. Reach out to our warm, friendly staff at Buckner Westminster online, or give us a call at 903.329.6520 today.