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Average Senior Living Cost in Longview, Texas

Average Senior Living Cost in Longview Texas

Most people look forward to retirement for years, but things don’t always go as planned. Household chores and maintenance do not go away and sometimes become harder to do. A bigger portion of your budget goes toward lawn care and other services. Unexpected health issues can arise. For these reasons and more, many turn to senior living communities. The cost of senior living varies widely across the nation. At Westminster Place in Longview, Texas, prospective residents can utilize our cost calculator to help determine how much it will cost to get the level of care needed and compare that to their current cost of living.

Westminster Place is one of six retirement communities operated by Buckner Retirement Services. Located throughout Texas, the Buckner name has been synonymous with providing senior adults with dignified living and expert care since 1954. Call 903.329.6520 to learn more about living senior living opportunities and costs in Longview, Texas.

How Much Does Senior Living Cost?

Retirement communities vary widely in cost, ranging from $2000 to $5000 or more a month. Key factors that determine what you pay include:

  • Type of community–A stand-alone community might be more affordable but offer fewer features and amenities. A senior living community located on the campus of a continuing care community will come with many more services and amenities, resulting in a higher cost.
  • Geography–The average cost of senior living varies by state and region. Metropolitan areas may have more options but also a higher cost of living. Rates will be higher in more desirable towns or neighborhoods.
  • Level of care–Costs will vary depending on the level of care you need. Independent senior living is less costly than assisted living, which is less costly than skilled nursing care.

When considering your options for senior living, it is critical to review all of your expenses and have a clear understanding of what you do and do not get in your home versus senior living.

Typically, the services provided at a senior living community cost less than it would cost you to pay for the same services separately at home. Lawn care, plowing, housekeeping, fuel, and general upkeep and maintenance costs add up quickly. The price tag goes up exponentially when you add in the cost of a home healthcare aide.

Calculating Senior Living Cost in Longview, TX

With the Westminster Place Calculate and Compare tool, you can quickly and easily see how your current monthly expenses compare to senior living costs in Longview, Texas. Simply fill in the blanks with your current monthly living expenses. If an expense doesn’t apply to you, enter 0 in the box. If you’re unsure about an expense, click “Show Area Average,” and it will be estimated for you. The cost calculator will automatically generate a report with a side-by-side comparison, giving you a clear and concise picture.

Why Choose Independent Senior Living?

You may wonder why you should sell your house and move to independent senior living when healthy and active. The simple answer is that being healthy and active allows you to take advantage of all activities. Many of our residents wish they had made a move sooner.

  • Simplicity and freedom–Not having to deal with the expenses and hassles of home maintenance is a relief. Residents have more time to do what they enjoy and discover and pursue new interests.
  • Social connections–The effects of social isolation can have devastating impacts on your mental and physical wellbeing. Independent senior living provides a built-in support network, and social opportunities are a regular part of daily life.
  • Staying active–Staying mentally and physically active is vital to wellbeing. Often, seniors living alone do not realize how inactive they have become. Independent senior living provides activities to keep you mentally and physically engaged.
  • Access to care – Unfortunately, no one can predict when their health might change, especially later in life. Residents in independent senior living have immediate access to quality care right within their community when an unexpected health problem arises.

Reach Out to Westminster Place to Discuss Senior Living Costs

Westminster Place is the premier choice for seniors in Longview, Texas. As a faith-based nonprofit senior long-term care facility, we don’t just care about what we do but also why. When your loved one needs long-term care, contact Westminster Place to discover what makes us different. Call 903.329.6520 to schedule your visit and learn more.